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  1. Who can attend weekend retreatsCaregiving couples (married or not), single caregivers, foster and adoptive caregivers. We will try to match your retreat with caregivers of children with similar diagnoses and or marital status. 

  2. What Cohen’s Purpose offers: We offer two-night weekend retreats. Friday to Sunday. These retreats are once per year and require yearly application submission. We will also provide gift cards for some meals.

  3. What is expected of me during our stay? Cohen’s Purpose recommends connecting with other caregivers for breakfast (bed and breakfast) or dinner (non-bed and breakfast). We will offer inspirational tips for maintaining mental, physical, and spiritual health. The rest of the weekend is yours to do as you please.

  4. Do I need to be religious? Although we are a faith-based organization, you do not need to be religious to attend. We ask that you come with an open mind and be respectful of others.

  5. What if I can’t get away for a weekend? We will reimburse caregivers for a “health and wellness day” (once per year). Some ideas include but are not limited to meals, manicures, pedicures, movies, park and museum admission, etc. Please get in touch with us to verify eligibility and requirements.

  6. How much does the retreat cost? Accommodations are offered to qualified caregivers free of charge, thanks to our generous donors, sponsors, and partners.

  7. What if I have to cancel our retreat? If you must cancel for any reason, please notify Cohen’s Purpose immediately. Please be aware that there is no guarantee of an alternate date for the calendar year.

  8. Can I bring our children? No. This retreat is designed for caregivers to get away from the demands of caregiving. You will be responsible for finding care for your loved one.

  9. Handicap accessibility and special food accommodation? If you need handicap accommodations or require special food accommodations, please inform us so we can do our best to accommodate you. 

  10. How can I support Cohen’s Purpose? If you feel led to support us, please email us to discuss ways to partner with us for accommodations, restaurant gift cards, and care packages. Cohen’s Purpose is only made possible by donations.

  11. Why we do what we do: From a personal standpoint we know the demands of caring for a special needs child and were here to support you. If we don’t care for ourselves, we can’t properly care for our loved ones. At Cohen’s Purpose, we want caregivers to know they are not alone and what they do matters.